About the Author

Just who, exactly, is the guy who created this psoriasis Website?

Dave W. (me) is just a guy with psoriasis and an almost insatiable need for information. I was officially diagnosed with psoriasis in May of 1997. Prior to getting a doctor’s appointment, I had an inkling of what I had, so I walked into my doctor’s office armed with a three-ring binder full of information I had printed off the Internet. My GP said, upon seeing the binder, “You probably know more about psoriasis than I do,” and promptly wrote me a referral to a dermatologist. The dermatologist was quite interested in the binder, and flipped through it for a while. He found a chart of drugs in there, and circled the ones he was giving me.

I lurked on the Newsgroup for a little while in ’97, and from what I recall of that time, it was right in the middle of the huge Skin-Cap “debates.” I poked my head back in a couple of times over the next two years, and decided to become active in the group and delurk in January of 1999. I don’t think I went three days without at least reading the posts there, up until January of 2004.

Lately, I’ve been more focused on administration and participation over at the Skeptic Friends Network, where we apply logic, critical thought and scientific principles not only to psoriasis, but all sorts of other claims, and try to help others strive for rational thought, as well.

A Portrait of the Author as a Young Man

Is that stuff FDA approved?

Doing Research

The author doing research at a young age (okay, okay, that’s a stack of Peanuts anthologies, but gimme a break, I was four).