Contact Information

How and when to contact me regarding this Website (not the treatment of your psoriasis).

Because I am in the middle of revamping the site, I will still not accept email related to this site, unless it is to point out something glaringly and factually incorrect, or another matter of great import.

Broken links do not count, and neither do opinions about what works or doesn’t for psoriasis. And never email me with link-exchange requests (I will either link to your relevant site eventually, or I won’t). Neither the calendar nor emailed updates are being maintained right now, so don’t write to me about them.

If you must contact me, send me all the pertinent details up-front, to, but don’t expect a response at all (though you might get one if I know you already, no matter what you write to me about). Do not forget to read my privacy policy regarding email before you send me anything.

Please bear with me during this transitional period, thanks.