Banish Psoriasis, Reader Comments

Reader comments about my review of the ebook, Banish Psoriasis for Good, by Katy Roberts.

This page displays selected comments from readers of this site about the Banish Psoriasis ebook review page.

Dave Replies: Thanks to all for the notes (even the ones I haven’t published). If I’ve saved just a few people 29 bucks, then the effort was worth it (especially since at least one buyer missed out on the fact that there’s a money-back guarantee).

Dave Replies: Thanks for the story, LB, and I apologize for taking so long to publish it. Unfortunately, and I think your daughter would agree, nobody can say if it (the Banish Psoriasis regimen) worked, because — as you say — your daughter did not follow it. Perhaps one or more of the things she tried worked. It’s also possible that something else in your daughter’s life changed, like her stress levels (for just one example). And since psoriasis is known for spontaneous remissions, it is quite possible that her use of some parts of the regimen was simply coincidal with her improvement.

It is for all of those reasons that I will not recommend that people try it. The cost of the book is one thing that I have tried to eliminate for people who are interested, but fish-oil capsules, olive-leaf extract and the rest cost money, as well. Without a basis in solid, evidence-based medicine, any recommendation I might give would be tantamount to quackery (a practice I despise). Until there is a large, double-blind experiment run that shows that the Banish Psoriasis regimen works better than placebo, nobody can conclude that it has done anything. Anecdotes like yours are the starting point of research, not the end, and even if a million stories like yours came into my inbox, the plural of “anecdote” is not “data.”

I wish you and your daughter all the best (especially a long and full remission of symptoms), but just because one person seems to have gotten better using it doesn’t mean that anyone else will, and so I can’t add anything resembling a stamp of approval to this therapy.

Dave Replies: Thanks! Nice to know that I’m getting laughs as well as saving people money.