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Reader comments about my page on Coal Tar as a psoriasis treatment.

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Dave Replies: Thanks to all for the notes. For the record, I cannot make suggestions for different coal-tar shampoos or other products. Some people find that Brand X “works best” for them, while some others swear by Brand Y, and another bunch can’t live without Brand Z. There is no such thing as a universal “best” coal tar product. As the above emails hint at, with some people, relieving the itch is the #1 priority, while for others it might be getting rid of a “snowstorm” of flakes. For lots of people, cost is a major concern, while for some it isn’t. Given these and other considerations, finding the right product is a very, very personal quest.

I’ve been using T-Gel (and MG217 ointment) for a while now, but other shampoos have worked just fine for me in the past, as well (like Pentrax or the old Denorex®). I usually go for the highest concentration of coal tar I can find, but a few people have told me that a 2% tar shampoo actually works worse for them than a 1%, so even the type of coal tar solution or other ingredients may play a role in how well a person responds, making the quest that much more difficult.

If you need a replacement for T/Derm, Tegrin®, Zetar, or Denorex®, the only recommendation I can make is to try what’s on your local stores’ shelves first, then talk to your pharmacist about what he/she may stock behind the counter (or can order for you), and if none of those satisfies, try shopping online for other brands, or speaking with your dermatologist (who may have small sample bottles, which could make trying several brands much cheaper).

On a similar note, the best way to find out if there’s anyone still selling your particular favorite which has been discontinued or changed is to contact the manufacturer directly. They usually have toll-free numbers for this purpose. As with JCL’s note, above, if you find out something about a product not yet mentioned here, please go ahead and email me with the news, and I’ll post it either here or on the main coal tar page (or both).

Again, thanks to all who’ve written in about coal tar products.