Occlusion, Reader Comments

Reader comments about my page on the use of occlusion for psoriasis.

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Dave Replies: Well, duct tape is now mentioned on my web site.

In my opinion, this “duct tape treatment” is nothing but a form of occlusion, or covering on the skin. There’s plenty of evidence that doing that, and nothing more, can help reduce psoriasis symptoms under the covered area (for how long, or how well, it’ll do so isn’t particularly well-measured right now). In other words, I don’t think there’s anything special about duct tape in particular — any sort of skin covering can work to some degree or other.

A small caveat to the duct tape treatment is to be aware of “tape reactions,” which are a form of contact dermatitis in response to chemicals in the glue. It’s possible to create an occlusive dressing without tape, of course (and it might be more comfortable). For a large plaque on the lower leg, for example, one could put plastic wrap all the way around the leg, and then tape it to itself.

Note also that people with circulatory problems need to speak with their doctors before attempting anything like wrapping an entire limb. And nobody should occlude their whole face, ever!

Hope the clearing continues! Best of luck to you!