PsorStuff Store

I’ve opened an online store.

Over on, I’ve opened a little store called “PsorStuff,” which is admittedly wrong right now because there isn’t any psoriasis-related stuff up, yet. Currently, I have some bumper stickers related to hypermiling (more info on hypermiling in general can be found over at the Skeptic Friends Network), and some cosplay/consent buttons.

Here are the hypermiling items, with links below the images:

Hypermiler - Please Go Around

Hypermiler — Please Go Around (magnet)

Right Lane Driver

Right Lane Driver (magnet)

Strive to Drive 99.9

Strive to Drive 99.9 (magnet)

And here is my "Cosplay is not Consent" button, with various sizes and quantities available in the store (and to encourage spreading the word, there is no mark-up on these items):

Cosplay is not Consent

Cosplay is not Consent