Anti-Quackery Articles

An index of Dave’s Anti-Quackery articles and a list of some anti-quackery resources.

While most of this web site contains information specifically directed towards people with psoriasis, I’ve had opportunities to create some content which is more broadly applicable to the problem of medical quackery in general. Quackery is, by no means, confined to psoriasis therapies, nor (of course) are psoriasis treatments immune from quackery. Also, much about psoriasis quackery is applicable to other diseases, since quacks tend to use the same tactics over and over. These few general anti-quackery articles, along with links to major anti-quackery resources on the web, are collected here for convenience. Also listed will be articles about psoriasis-specific therapies in which the quackery is especially outrageous or otherwise illustrative.

General Articles

Common Misconceptions and Misuses of Science — Some notes on a few common fallacies.

Pyramid Hats — Get yours today!

The Quackery Index — Rate and compare quackery with this simple guide.

Psoriasis Articles with a Wider Applicability

Economic Effects of a Psoriasis Cure — A cure for a disease can make money.

Loma Lux — A good example of abuse of U.S. homepathy regulations.

Anti-Quackery Resources