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Comments about “Arty Escobar Herb-based Hair Care Products”

Arty Escobar himself writes (September 1, 2001):

i saw ur pge.even though i had heard from danny that u were on the net tk.u, for my listing,i would have though some one else would do that ,,and while i am here the 120 million people i mention are people in the united states only not world wide,,,,,,,,,,,,,,plus as for the psoriasis issue i cure people of that rite now i make,products that cure not just control skin issues they are guranteed,,i know it sounds like a lot to say and back up but in my type of work it takes some one like me that that has studies under his belt because i m, a hairdresser it takes a hair and skin expert to figure things out not doctors,,,,,,,by by the way ur pretty up front with ur pge, good for u,,but there are cures i will have u know that u ur self would not believe,,,, i have some of those in my formulas,good bye tks, for the plug

Dave Replies: Anyone can say “I can cure psoriasis.” Where is your evidence which supports this claim? Your say-so isn’t good enough for me, or for a lot of other people. I pay a lot more attention to hair and skin experts called “dermatologists.”

And I didn’t “plug” your site, I panned it.