Evil Web Sites

Evil web sites, preying upon psoriasis sufferers with search-engine bait and other dishonesty.

These are sites that use the word ‘psoriasis’ in their headers, but not in the text you actually get to see. This really ticks me off, since it just clutters up the search engines. Make the claims up front, people! Don’t make me search through tons of pages to find out which treatment supposedly cures the disease I’m interested in. This list also includes sites that mention psoriasis solely in invisible or near-invisible text. Again this is just so that the search engines will pick the page up. Perhaps you’ll spend a few bucks, even if they don’t make any mention of your disease whatsoever…

1 Stop Outlet MallGrade FBroken Link

‘Psoriasis’ is only found in the keywords, and “psoriatic arthritis” is found in the ALT text for one image.

Aloe NaturaGrade FBroken Link

A German site advertising aloe products, it has ‘psoriasis’ in an HTML comment on the home page, but a Google search turns up nothing else.

Body of Confidence pages (all Grade F of course):

100% Natural Skin Care ProductsBroken Link
71 Weight Loss TipsBroken Link
Affects of Cosmetic SurgeryBroken Link
Apple Cider Vinegar and ArthritisBroken Link
Arthritis SocietyBroken Link
Arthritis TodayBroken Link
Body of ConfidenceBroken Link
Cellulite RemovalBroken Link
Cosmetic Surgery CABroken Link
Cosmetic Surgery DiscriminationBroken Link
Cosmetic Surgery for Men Staten IslandBroken Link
Cosmetic Surgery in ArkansasBroken Link
Cosmetic Surgery Southwest FloridaBroken Link
Cosmetic Surgery Washington, DCBroken Link
Erectile Dysfunction EnzBroken Link
Erectile Dysfunction in DSMIVBroken Link
European Skin Care ProductsBroken Link
Evaluation of Psoriatic ArthritisBroken Link
Evaluation of Psoriatic ArthritisBroken Link
Exercises to Lose CelluliteBroken Link
Fast Effective Weight LossBroken Link
Ford Probe GT Face LiftsBroken Link
Glocosamine Condroitin Work for ArthritisBroken Link
International Index of Erectile DysfunctionBroken Link
Male Cosmetic Surgery BrooklynBroken Link
Massage CelluliteBroken Link
Men Cosmetic SurgeryBroken Link
Methotrexate Rheumatoid ArthritisBroken Link
Mild Face Lift PhotosBroken Link
Natural Cellulite RemedyBroken Link
Natural Skin Care Formula that Really WorksBroken Link
Origins Skin CareBroken Link
Pictures of Arthritis CasesBroken Link
Pictures of Rheumatoid ArthritisBroken Link
Pictures on ArthritisBroken Link
Psoriasis Acadia Skin CareBroken Link
Psoriatic ArthritisBroken Link
Remove CelluliteBroken Link
Simply Weight LossBroken Link
Weight Loss ProductsBroken Link
Weight Loss Success StoryBroken Link
Weight Loss Success StoryBroken Link

When you go to any of the above pages, at first you’ll simply see a big “Click Here to Enter” button. If you take the time to scroll down, however, you’ll find all sorts of text, and a few other links. “Psoriasis” or “psoriatic arthritis” is in the text of the above pages, but seldom in a way that makes sense. If you click the “Click Here to Enter” button, you’ll wind up at a “Body of Confidence” products page of some sort (it varies). None of the ones I’ve found mention psoriasis at all. But if you’re looking for “ANT-WRINKLE” products, perhaps it’s a page you’d like to see.

December 6, 2002, Update: The “Click Here to Enter” links no longer take you to a “Body of Confidence” page (for those I checked), but instead take you to a page which suggests that if you’ve got a skin-care product to sell, you should contact the folks at 1-MillionHits.comBroken Link. I guess if they find another taker, those ads will be replaced by ads for a skin-care product of some sort. And since it won’t really matter if the new pages mention psoriasis — since it doesn’t appear to be under their control — these are still evil web pages.

April 11, 2009, Update: All of the above links are now broken.

BringHealth.comGrade F

This page has ‘psoriasis’ in the description, but mentions nothing but eczema in the text.

Ericsson’s Coral CalciumGrade FBroken Link

This used to be an evil site, but has been redesigned and I cannot find anymention at all of psoriasis. I did not do a thorough search, though, because the misinformation available is enough to make me gag. Oh, the site has also moved to a new addressBroken Link.

Arty Escobar Herb-based Hair Care ProductsGrade FBroken Link

A person named Danny emailed me to tell me that this site was up and running again (it used to be listed as broken on the Unknown page). And while it is up again, it lacks a single mention of psoriasis anywhere but in the keywords of the home page. By the way, if “Hair Loss Affects 120 Million Men and 90 Million Women,” which is less than 4% of the world’s people, how can it also be that “95% of the World’s Population Suffers Hair Loss?”

The Honey CollectionGrade F

‘Psoriasis’ only found in the keywords of certain product pages, not in the text.


Glucosamine and ChondriotinGrade FBroken Link
Arthritis CareGrade FBroken Link
Psoriatic Arthitis, Osteoarthritis ProgressionGrade FBroken Link
Glucosamine Chondroitin Arthritis Psoritic ArthritisGrade FBroken Link [sic]

All similar pages, all with invisible text or ‘psoriatic’ in the title only (except the first above, in which the nonsense text is visible), and all leading to Feel21, which does have psoriasis listed under its ailment search, but following that option only leads you to a single Milk ThistleBroken Link product, which doesn’t have any mention of psoriasis associated with it.

January 23, 2009, Update: the hormone.htmlplanet.com links, above, no longer redirect to feel21.com.

Kiss My Face Soap BarsGrade FBroken Link

Mentions psoriasis in its so-called “Recommended Extended Search Keywords.”

Natureworks USAGrade FBroken Link

At the bottom of this page, there is a list of literally hundreds of diseases, most of which is invisible. Psoriasis is in this list three times. On 02/23/2002, I found this page no longer exists.

Nutritional TherapyGrade FBroken Link

‘Psoriasis’ is found only in the keywords for this site.

OXiGeneGrade F

‘Psoriasis’ is in the keywords of many pages, and perhaps they have plans to target psoriasis with one of their drugs at a later date, but I can’t find it mentioned on any of the Web pages right now.

OzmozizGrade FBroken Link

Follow the link to “Purifying Bath — Psoriasis Relief,” and you won’t find a word about psoriasis. Not even if you read the descriptions of the three products shown. If you search the site for ‘psoriasis,’ you’ll be shown one result — a completely different product from the other three, which has a description also lacking in the name of our disease.

Palm Beach Mega TanGrade FBroken Link

‘Psoriasis’ appears in both the keywords and in invisible text at the bottom of the home page. This is doubly evil, as some forms of UV light are beneficial for psoriasis, simple tanning has not been proven to be helpful. Update, Feb 23, 2002: Make that “used to appear,” but I haven’t checked the rest of the site yet.

Sacro Wedgy pages (all Grade F of course):

Foot and Drop and Herniated and DiscBroken Link
Herniated Cervical Disk HeadachesBroken Link
Lower Back Pain San GabrielBroken Link
Pregnancy Low Back Pain ExercisesBroken Link
Sciatica + Chair + ExecutiveBroken Link

See the “Body of Confidence” notes, above, because it’s the same thing here, just a different product, and possibly a different advertising company.

Stewart’s Crafts’ Lye SoapGrade F

‘Psoriasis’ is found only in the keywords for this page.

USA-CENTER (all Grade F):

WellnessBroken Link
DietBroken Link
TreatmentBroken Link

This is some sort of bizarre attempt at a web directory or search engine, which lists the word ‘psoriasis’ in amongst other terms. There is no information here.

VeladermGrade F

‘Psoriasis’ is found only in the keywords for this site.

West Yorkshire Clinic of Complementary MedicineGrade FBroken Link

This page has ‘psoriasis’ in both the keywords and as invisible text at the bottom, but it’s just an opening page to the rest of the web site. However, the home page link appears to be broken. Update, Feb 23, 2002: the main page is now blank. Update, Apr 28, 2002: the main page is now up again, as it was before, including the broken Home Page link.

Whale Medical, Inc.Grade F

Tons and tons of text, but ‘psoriasis’ is only found amongst the keywords.