Explanation of the Tags

Next to links here on this site will be little graphical “tags” which have various meanings. Some are “grades” which I give to the sites the links go to, based on my opinions of the information to be found there. Others have various meanings, as explained below. All of the tags are links back to this page, just in case you need to remind yourself of what they mean.

Not every link will have a tag, as I haven’t looked at each long enough to decide on how to rate every one, nor enough time to review every one. In other words, the links without tags are “undecided” on my part. They should not be viewed as having good information or bad, I just haven’t gotten to them yet.

Grading Tags

In order to give the reader some idea of what my opinion of a particular treatment or resource is like without following the links, I have given them “grades” based on the fairly-standard American grade-school letter-grading system. These little graphics should provide an “at a glance” mini-review of the sites I link to.

Grade A Grade A.

These sites are excellent sources of good, high-quality information.

Grade B Grade B.

While these sites provide a lot of good information, there’s a little bit of irresponsible reporting or misinformation to be found. These sites may also simply neglect relevant information.

Grade C Grade C.

Sites graded with a C seem to me to be about half good information, and half bad. Or, it may be just an “okay” site, in that it doesn’t say anything particularly bad, it just doesn’t say much at all.

Grade D Grade D.

These sites are mostly, but not completely, junk. There might be a tidbit or two of good information, or these might represent sites which have valid treatments, but create such a mass of misinformation that true benefits are lost.

Grade F Grade F.

Don’t bother. These sites are either worthless, or dangerous, or both.

Other Tags

Must-See Website Must-See Site.

This tag means that I believe a link goes to a “Must-See” site for people with psoriasis. These sites, while they don’t all contain the most up-to-date or accurate information, have a certain something which other sites lack. People should visit these sites, often.

Broken Link Broken Link.

This tag means that the link it’s next to is “broken.” These links were working when I first added them to this site, but the last time I checked them, all I found was an “Error 404” page or something similar. See also the Broken Link page.

PDF File PDF File.

This tag means the link it’s next to is to a PDF file. PDF files can be viewed with the Adobe® Acrobat® Reader, which is a free download.