Troubles takeover by Google spells trouble for my Website, which had a lot of links to newsgroup posts.

Broken Link

You have made an attempt to follow a link that went to, an archive of Newsgroup posts. On February 12, 2001, Google announced that it had purchased Deja’s archives. While Deja’s online archives had been limited to the last two years of posts for some time, after Google aquired the archives, the limit was moved up even further, to August of 2000. Many of my links to Deja were to posts from before this time. But, even worse, Google’s version of the URLs to get to posts it does have available is vastly different from Deja’s old format, and so for now, all of my links to old newsgroup posts on Deja must be considered broken and irretrievable.

Google has promised to eventually have an entire archive going back to 1995. Once this archive is in place and stable, I plan to search for all of the old Deja posts, and get the links working again.