AMI Pages

Just what the heck are the AMI Pages, and what do they have to do with psoriasis?

Grade D

The following are lists of seemingly random links. All of them have the word “psoriasis” on them, somewhere. In most cases, however, following a psoriasis-related link from one of these pages leads to another page of more of the same garbage — usually without any mention of psoriasis on it — or to a 404 error. (Those that don’t are noted.)

The various domain names of the following pages, such as “,” “,” or even “,” all appear (on a random sampling of a dozen or so) to be owned by Amalgamated Mason Internet, Inc. (which doesn’t have much of a home page), based in Texas. “AMI” is their abbreviation, which is why I call these the AMI pages.

Why this company has decided to buy up all these domain names and publish all these different (and confusing) pages is beyond me. Perhaps I’ll find a pattern of some sort as I add more of them.

So far as I’ve found, every one of the links on the AMI pages which leads to an book page will benefit somebody who’s affiliate ID is ‘Jimbo2’. If you want to purchase one of these books, and would rather the commission go to the National Psoriasis Foundation, you can find them on Jerry J’s Book Page.

Update, June 21, 2003: I checked a random sampling of the 400-someodd links which were here, and found that most of them were either broken or no longer mentioned psoriasis. It would seem that the content of the pages changed on an unpredictable basis and several of the old domains are now listed as being for sale. So, in order to make life easier for me, I’m hacking out the list of links to AMI pages which mention psoriasis and replacing it with a list of non-linked old AMI domains, at least the 607 I am aware of (which would have meant over $4,000 per year in domain-name registration costs alone).