Dermeze Psoriasis Formula

A review of the Web site advertising Dermeze Psoriasis Formula.

Grade F

The Dermeze Psoriasis Formula web site begins by giving a rudimentary overview of psoriasis and its characteristics. It then advises the application of their product 3-5 times daily “until the skin has completely regenerated.”

Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary defines “regeneration” as “to generate or produce anew, esp: to replace (a body part) by new growth of tissue.” The NPF states “[in psoriasis] cells are created and pushed to the surface in as little as 2-4 days, and the skin cannot shed the cells fast enough.” Does it seem rational to suggest a skin regenerator for people whose skin regenerates faster than normal by itself?

The active ingredient in Dermeze is Viola Tricolor (Pansy). The site claims its primary function is to “smooth.” Pansy contains salicylic acid (present in concentrations up to 0.3%), which is often used to remove scales in psoriasis, and can enhance the efficacy of other topical treatments. Even in low concentrations, though, use could possibly lead to irritation, dryness, or peeling.

In a list of the base ingredients, they mention “Also, the inclusion of vitamins A, E & P in this formulation provides the skin with the anti-oxidant [sic] nutrient it requires to remain healthy and fresh.” Not only is this unclear (and not necessarily true), there is no vitamin called “vitamin P.”

The site includes two testimonials, one of which was semi-anonymous and the other (which heartily recommended the product) was written by a store manager of a natural foods store, which, it just so happens, carries Dermeze and is also listed on the Dermeze site.

Dermeze sells for: one quarter ounce $9.00, one ounce $27.00, or one and a half ounces $32.00. They mention a “clinical trial” in which patients had “Affected areas: hands 80%, arms 83%, legs 74%, face 44%.” No differentiation is made between the various skin conditions affecting the patients (in fact, six of the conditions were not identified). All patients applied the product five times a day, as well as using it in their bathwater.

If a person were to use this product as often as recommended, it could become very costly. Over-the-counter products in which the active ingredient is salicylic acid are significantly less expensive and, because the concentrations would be higher than in Dermeze, five applications a day would not be necessary to see results.


See also Herbal Warnings.

Linda M. contributed this review on July 25, 1999.