N.A.S.S. Dingwall Branch Page on Herbs and Psoriasis

A review of N.A.S.S. Dingwall Branch’s Web information on herbs and psoriasis.

Grade F

The web site of the National Ankylosing Spondylitis Society (Dingwall Branch of Scotland) has a page describing psoriasis, and also one titled “Herbs and Psoriasis.” Perhaps they’ve developed a database on diseases in general, but the number of people with both A.S. and psoriasis is probably very, very small. It’s also difficult to tell if the information presented in the quite outdated psoriasis page and the herbals page represents the opinion of the N.A.S.S., or just the author of the pages (this might be a certain KS Burrell, perhaps, given the email address of the Webmaster).

The psoriasis information page is fairly accurate, but, as noted above, seems to be severely outdated. The latest treatment development it mentions is the 1979 announcement of PUVA.

The “Herbs and Psoriasis” page gives an incredibly small amount of information, with no reason given for the use of any of these herbs, which, like any drug, can have side effects. Luckily, right from the start the page advises the person visiting the site to consult a qualified doctor or therapist.

After offering a description of the disease, the page breaks down the treatment ideas into three basic groups: Herbalism, Aromatherapy, and “From the Kitchen.” This grouping is only mildly useful, in my opinion (and I’ve met few people who kept Nettle anywhere, much less in the kitchen — perhaps this is more common in Scotland?). These alternative therapies are labelled as being “more common” remedies, which may be true when compared to other herbal treatments, but is questionable (at best) when the use of these therapies is compared to all psoriasis treatments.

The page recommmends the following herbs, without telling us why, without giving detailed dosage information, and, for the most part, without appropriate warnings:

Bergamot (an appropriate photosensitivity warning is given)

Burdock Root


Licorice (a minimal warning is given about high blood pressure, but more is required)


Roman Chamomile


The page also has a section titled “Self-Help,” but tersely says only “Can help -the [sic] condition.” There’s no information given on what kind of self-help would be beneficial, nor are any psoriasis organizations listed.


Linda M. contributed this review on July 11, 1999.