Nature’s Rain Moisturizers

A review of Nature’s Rain Moisturizers and their claims about psoriasis.

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Nature’s Rain, Inc. sells three moisturizers for psoriasis. These are Nature’s Rain Moisturizing Mist, Moisture Retaining Lotion and Gentle Cleanser. Their site contains a brief explanation of psoriasis and a link to the National Psoriasis Foundation’s website.

They show before-and-after photos of a psoriatic elbow moisturized with Nature’s Rain products and later mention “As you can see in the above pictures, regular treatment with Nature’s Rain Moisturizing Mist is very effective in keeping the afflicted areas moist and flexible.” What they do not say is that basically any moisturizer will have a similar effect; moisturizing tends to soften and loosen psoriatic plaques and promote skin flexibility.

Also provided are links to NPF statements on nutrition and moisturizing. Unfortunately, Nature’s Rain chose to misquote the NPF, asserting that “According to the National Psoriasis Foundation, two factors are universally important regardless of the type of psoriasis involved or the medical treatment. These factors are good nutrition and effective moisturizing of the afflicted areas.” These are interpretations of words found at the NPF site, but do not accurately paraphrase the NPF’s statements. It appears that Nature’s Rain gave the NPF’s words a slant in order to sell their products.

Three links detail their products, all of which mention the inclusion of the ingredient NaPCA. One Medline abstract reports that NaPCA caused skin erythema (redness) in some test subjects.

Nature’s Rain claims using their products will “restore proper water level to the skin” and “instill the correct amount of NaPCA to the skin,” although they offer no proof to back these claims. They mention “numerous potent organic antioxidants” as being contained in the Moisturizing Mist (8 oz. for $8.95), but do not detail exactly what these might be. The cost of the Moisture Retaining Lotion is $8.95 for 8 oz. and the “Gentle” Skin Cleanser is $10.95 for 8 oz. With shipping, the cost for the entire regimen comes to $32.35. Following this course could, depending on the extent of a person’s skin involvement, become quite a costly investment.

On their homepage they “guarantee” that their products will help psoriasis, but I was unable to find a details about any guarantee.

April 25, 2009, Update: Nature’s Rain seems to have vanished, I can’t find out anything about it.


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Linda M. contributed this review on November 7, 1999.