Smallpox Vaccinations

A quick note about smallpox vaccinations and psoriasis. If your psoriasis is active, do not get vaccinated for smallpox.

Due to concerns about spreading the live virus used in the smallpox vaccine, people with psoriasis that is active (showing lesions) should NOT get vaccinated against smallpox, nor should anyone without psoriasis who is living in the same home as someone with active psoriasis. People on immunosuppressive therapies such as methotrexate or cyclosporin should also NOT be vaccinated.

If you actually become infected with smallpox, the above does not apply.

As with anything else, always speak with a qualified doctor about your particular case, and whether or not the possible risks outweigh the possible benefits.


Other Info

Defective Immune System Response to Smallpox Vaccine Detailed in New Study (Psoriasis patients were used as a control group in the study.)