A quick review of the psoriasis articles on SubPortal sites.

SubPortalBroken Link is a set of “Web Tools” provided by iBoost.comBroken Link, a web host which appears to be marketing towards small businesses. SubPortal allows a person to put up a lot of web content, for very little work, with customized banners, colors, etc., with the aim of increasing traffic to their web site. Part of the Health SubPortal content is a set of four articles, under the categories of “Nutrition, Fitness, and Looks,” “Skin Disorders,” and then “Psoriasis.”

These four articles were all written in 2001 (the SubPortal index usually lists them as “news,” however), and were all written by reporters with HealthDayBroken Link (previously HealthScoutNews). Strangely, none of these articles can be found in HealthDay’s online archives using a search for “psoriasis.”

The articles themselves aren’t very long, and so are fairly detail-free. What information is in them appears to be good, however. Three of the articles provide links to the National Psoriasis Foundation and other online resources (the exception is the shortest article, “It’s Not Such a Heartbreak”). Unfortunately, due to the age of the articles, some of the links are broken.

April 26, 2009, Update: and seem to be no longer functioning. appears to be up for sale.

Links to the Articles on iBoost

Links to Various SubPortals with the Above Articles