Sweet Water Ministries

A review of the Sweet Water Ministries Website and its claims about psoriasis treatment.

Grade F

The Sweet Water Ministries web site begins by asking “Are these your symptoms?” and then lists a variety of health complaints — psoriasis is included on their list.

It goes on to say that “Theresa” is a “master herbalist with 18 years experience.” Her credentials are never offered, though. The site then states “We also do Kinesiology/MRT [Muscle Response Testing].” According to The PDR Family Guide to Natural Medicines, Kinesiology is “a melange of concepts derived from chiropractic, acupuncture and nutrition.” This form of therapy is considered doubtful by the majority of medical experts. There is alot of skeptical information about Applied Kinesiology and MRT on the Web, including a review at Quackwatch and The Watchman Expositor.

The site offers “Consultations available by mail or in person, $65 per hour. Checks, cash or credit cards for on-site consultations. Phone consultations paid by Visa or MasterCard only. 10-minute personal advice phone calls are available for $20, paid by credit cards only.”

It then warns the potential client: “I neither claim nor imply that any instruction, advice, suggestions, recommendations will cure, treat, prevent or mitigate any disease condition.” This site doesn’t even bother to offer the possibility of relief. It simply asks that you contribute money (at the rate of $65 per hour) to Sweet Water Ministries.

April 28, 2002, Update: The Sweet Water Ministries site appears to be down.


Linda M. contributed this review on August 6, 1999.