University of Iowa Department of Dermatology

A review of the University of Iowa’s online Psoriasis Information.

Grade C

The University of Iowa College of Medicine Department of Dermatology Web site provides a tremendous number of links to other dermatological resources. While much of their site is geared for patients who are possibly planning on receiving treatment at the University of Iowa hospital, their list of links is impressive and they provide paths to information not only on psoriasis, but on many other skin diseases.

There are a couple downsides to this site that I can see. First, they do not give any kind of basic description of psoriasis and its treatments. Second, because it is a dermatological site and not specifically for psoriasis, the resources and information links dealing with psoriasis have to be searched for. For example, to find a link for the National Psoriasis Foundation, I first had to return to the home page, then go to “Patient Support Groups” page and then scroll down to “Psoriasis” (near the bottom of the page). Although this is not a major hassle, a keyword search option would make it faster to find specific information.

Their “Patient Information Pamphlet” on psoriasis is actually provided by the American Academy of Dermatology. A link and an explanation of how to navigate to the AAD’s patient information on psoriasis is available. Also, five links to photos of psoriasis (three of which are views of pustular psoriasis) can be found here. This page is somewhat misleading though, because it seems as though these five photos are the only images of psoriasis the site contains. Actually, they have a total of twelve photographs of psoriasis. There is a link to this page from the psoriasis page, but unfortunately they do not indicate that more photos of psoriasis can be found there.

Although the amount of graphics and length of its pages might mean it will take a while to load onto some slower computers, I found this site to be a pretty good resource if a person is looking for links to further information about psoriasis and other skin diseases.


Linda M. contributed this review on January 12, 2000.