Woronoff’s Ring

A quick overview of the Woronoff’s Ring phenomenon in psoriasis.

Woronoff’s ring is a section of paler-than-normal (hypopigmented) skin which can sometimes be found surrounding a psoriasis plaque, especially those being treated with UV light and/or coal tar. From what I’ve found, there’s no indication that these rings pose any problems, and they are transitory.

Medical speculation over the last 30-something years, for which there is some evidence, says that Woronoff’s rings are due to a chemical being released from psoriasis plaques. The chemical may be a prostaglandin inhibitor, which would mean fewer capillary-dilating prostaglandins around a plaque, leading to skin with little blood in it. However, at least one study found decent blood flow in Woronoff’s rings, calling that hypothesis into question.

So it would appear that nobody really knows why Woronoff’s rings appear, and one group of researchers found that it was possible to induce Woronoff’s rings around sites of skin trauma in people without psoriasis, so this phenomenon may not be unique to this disease.

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Thanks to Screeee for introducing me to the term “Woronoff’s Ring.”