Famous People with Psoriasis

A list of some famous and infamous people with psoriasis, or maybe just suspected of having psoriasis.

This is simply a list of famous, infamous, and not-quite-famous people with psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis (PA). Also included are famous people for whom there is a lot of speculation that they have or had psoriasis, but who may not have (or have had) the disease at all.

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Famous people with psoriasis

Baker, Nicholson (author, b. 1957)
Dave Edelman’s Interview, in which Baker denies having psoriasis, at least in a particular place.
Camel Driver: Exurbia Fights Back
U and I: A True Story at Amazon.com

Bruce, Robert (the) (King of Scotland, 1274-1329)

Caro, Isabelle (actress, b. 1980)
Castagna, Michael (copywriter, b. ?)
Elton, Ben (comedian and author, b. 1959)
Garfunkel, Art (musician, b. 1941)
Gastineau, Mark (defensive end, b. 1956)
Guzman, Abimael (Shining Path leader, b. 1934)
Holstein, Karin (cover girl, NPF spokesperson, author, b. ?)
Janis, Byron (pianist with PA in his fingers, b. 1928)
Lish, Gordon (author, editor, b. ?)
Marat, Jean-Paul (journalist, anti-aristocracy leader, 1743-1793)
Mathers, Jerry (actor, “The Beaver,” b. 1948)
Morrison, Danny (friend/manager of Joe Diffie, b. ?)
Nabokov, Vladimir Vladimirovich (author, 1899-1977)
Palmen, Connie (author, b. 1955)
Potter, Dennis (author, TV dramatist, 1935-1994)
Rimes, LeAnn (singer, b. 1982)
Robbins, Tom (author, b. 1936)
Stalin, Joseph (tyrant, 1879-1953)
Starr, Kenneth Winston (special prosecutor, b. 1947)
Updike, John Hoyer (author, 1932-2009)

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Yezhov, Nikolai Ivanovich (also Ezhov, Stalin henchman [see above], 1895-1940)
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