Genetics and Gene Therapies

Information about genetics and gene-therapy as they pertain to psoriasis.

Psoriasis is thought to be genetic in origin, although the particular genes (most likely there are more than one) which provide a susceptibility to the disease are unknown to date. Several “suspects” are currently being hunted. This page is a listing of links to information about the genetic basis of psoriasis.

This page is also a listing of treatments which fall into the “genetic therapy” category in some way, and which do not present themselves as being more suitable in another treatment category here on this site. In other words, it’s another “other” category, but specifically for therapies which are based, in some way, on our DNA.

As more and more is learned about the genetics of psoriasis, this page should grow quickly.

Unreviewed Treatments and Information

Possibly Psoriasis-Related Genes