Vitamin and mineral information as it pertains to psoriasis.

Vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids are extremely important to life itself. Deficiencies can cause serious problems. On the other hand, overdoses can also cause serious problems, up to and including death (because some vitamins and minerals, while required, are toxic in large amounts).

Some people suggest very large daily intakes of supplements as a treatment for psoriasis. These regimens are often (if not always) not backed up by good evidence of efficacy. While some people (as always) have a good response, some find the extra vitamins and/or minerals of no help, and some even find them harmful. As with any other drug, it’s important to note that large doses of supplements (which should be viewed as drug treatments since they’re offered therapeutically) can cause side effects. With these things, more is often not better than less.

Psoriasis treatments based on zinc have been separated off to their own category here, since they are so common, and have quite a bit in common in relation to this disease.

See also a Quackwatch article on the hype in supplement advertising and marketing.

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