Bathing and Environment

Bathing and environmental information as it relates to psoriasis therapy.

This section lumps together bathing therapies and bath products, swimming or sea water therapies (also known as thallasotherapies), and environmental therapies (aka climatotherapies). Here will be found information on the Dead Sea, salt and oatmeal baths, hyperthermic therapies, and anything else that seems to fit.

Reviewed Treatments and Information

Unreviewed Treatments and Information

Aromatherapy Bath Oils

Blue Lagoon, Iceland (Bláa Lónið):
Canary Islands (Gran Canaria Island):
Climatotherapy of Psoriasis at Safaga (Red Sea, Egypt)

Dead Sea Therapy and Information:
Dead Sea Products:
Floraderm II herbal bath tea (more here, here, and at tub teas)

Orucoglu Thermal Centre, Turkey:
Soap Lake, Washington, United States of America:
Vista Spa

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