Skin Care For Dummies

A review of the Skin Care For Dummies web site and its information about psoriasis treatment.

Grade F

Skin Care for Dummies is a web site which sells Larry Costa’s “Life is Beautiful™” line of skin-care products.

The product line includes several Dead Sea mud masks, along with a Dead Sea bath-salt product. A page on the site describes some of the supposed benefits of Dead Sea therapies, but provides no evidence for these effects at all. A couple of them I’d never heard before, and sound like pure pseudoscience.

There is also a product called “Clear Skin” which is not a Dead Sea product, but contains salicylic acid.

While these products may “work” (and they are not “curative”), I was unable to find any clear description of the ingredients for any of them. It is important that psoriatics stay away from such things, as unknown ingredients can cause bad skin reactions which may make psoriasisflare.

On a simple economic note, I was also unable to find any information on how much of the products a person would get for the money spent. For $48, how much “Nourishing Mask” does a person get? An ounce? A pound? Why should the consumer be forced to guess?

April 23, 2009, Update: Costa’s site appears to have been taken down.