Ranma 1/2

The mention of the “heartbreak of psoriasis” in the amine “Ranma 1/2.”

Between October 10 and November 12, 1998, a member of the Ranma 1/2 Mailing List was using the following quote as part of his .sig:

“Most of all — in the North I’ll be running with those who know the heartbreak of psoriasis!” — Higuma Torajiro

A message from October 22, 1998Broken Link should serve as a representative example.

While there’s plenty of information on the Web devoted to the Manga/Anime “Ranma 1/2”, including biographies of Higuma TorajiroBroken Link (one of the characters), I could not find independent verification of this line attributed to him.

Finally, after tracking Bradster down, I received the following as a reply:

That line is from the Outta Control season (Nettohen episode 55), the tape is called ‘The Spirit of Furinkan’, and the English title of the episode is “Blow Wind! To Be Young is to be Gung-Ho!” Higuma Torajiro is a substitute teacher who acts more like a motivational speaker. The full quote is part of his farewell speech:

“Wherever there is a Japanese high school student in distress I’ll be there. In the East, I’ll be running with those who suffer the pangs of unrequited love. In the West, I’ll be running with those studying hard to get into a good college. In the South, I’ll be running with those who’ve taken to vandalism. But most of all, in the North I’ll be running with those who know the heartbreak of psoriasis!”

Many thanks for the info, Bradster (who is still doing anime-related stuff on the Web).

Strangely enough, searching the Web for “psoriasis ranma” turns up a bunch of results, most of which are simply lists of links which mention both words. Notable, however, were a few finds.

May 2, 2009, Update: All of the links on this page are broken.


A Brief Guide for the Ranma ImpairedBroken Link mentions psoriasis in the email contact info at the bottom. The same lines appear on:
Kiss My Face Soap BarsBroken Link is an evil web site which mentions both psoriasis and Ranma 1/2 in its so-called “Recommended Extended Search Keywords.”

Nabiki 1/2, Ranma-inspired fan fiction:
Chapter 12, part 1Broken Linkwith similar contact info as “A Brief Guide for the Ranma Impaired,” above.
Part 16 of the Honeymoon Hentai ChaptersBroken Linkwhich has a warning that “excessive use of plot devices” can lead to the heartbreak of psoriasis.