The Heartbreak of Psoriasis

Most know it from an old Tegrin commercial, but “the Heartbreak of Psoriasis” has become a widespread cliché, and here’s a giant list of Web references to it.

We’ all heard it: “the heartbreak of psoriasis.“ Usually from attempts at humor in situations or articles that have nothing to do with psoriasis. The phrase is still used quite a bit in advertising for current psoriasis products, however, but those instances will be found on other pages of this site. In fact, some uses of this phrase can be found in movies and songs, others can be found in Web Directory blurbs, and still others in articles about famous people with psoriasis.

Some of what can be found below is slightly amusing, but be aware that some of it can be seen as quite caustic. Where your own sensibilities fall is a matter of personal perspective, of course.

Unreviewed Highlights

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Grease (see Psoriasis in the Arts)

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